Indexing Plunger Design Solution for Folding Electric Bikes by a Leading Smart Mobility Brand | Elevate Functionality with High-Performance Plastic Knobs for Various Applications

Diagram of Folding Electric Bike and Spring Indexing Plungers Design Solution | Durable adjustable handles for equipment | UJEN

Diagram of Folding Electric Bike and Spring Indexing Plungers Design Solution

Indexing Plunger Design Solution for Folding Electric Bikes by a Leading Smart Mobility Brand

The indexing plunger is a crucial component for the leading smart power-assisted bicycle brand, a renowned publicly traded company in Taiwan dedicated to developing high-value electric bicycles. The company needed to develop a stable, reliable, and quick-operating folding mechanism, but existing parts on the market could not meet these requirements, affecting their product development progress. We provided a customized spring latch solution to address this need.

We selected alloy steel metal and performed heat treatment to enhance strength, along with anti-rust treatment to ensure the electroplated layer could withstand 72-hour salt spray tests without white rust. The spring latch design boasts exceptional durability and resistance, enabling it to quickly and easily engage and lock the folding mechanism.

From needs analysis, design and development, material testing to sample production and large-scale production preparation, we worked closely with the client at every step. Through the application of our spring latch, the brand's foldable electric bicycle achieved significant market success, with substantial improvements in product strength and durability, enhanced market differentiation, and increased competitive advantage, as well as improved production efficiency.

The leading smart power-assisted bicycle brand expressed high satisfaction with the solution, stating that our professional support greatly helped them successfully create an ideal product that stood out in the market.

Client Background: Indexing Plunger Requirements for a Leading Smart E-bike Brand

A leading smart mobility brand in the electric bike industry, this renowned Taiwanese publicly listed company focuses on developing high-value electric bicycles. Committed to innovation and excellence, the company aims to provide the most advanced electric bikes to consumers worldwide.

Customer Needs: Stable and Reliable Indexing Plunger Folding Mechanism

The smart mobility leader needed to develop a stable, reliable, and quick-operating folding mechanism for their folding electric bikes. Existing components on the market failed to meet these demands, directly impacting their product development timeline. To maintain their competitive edge, the brand sought an innovative solution that would enable this functionality and create market differentiation.

Solution: Customized Indexing Plunger Design

We provided a customized indexing plunger solution for the smart mobility leader's folding mechanism:

.High-Quality Material Selection: We chose alloy steel metal and performed heat treatment to enhance strength.

.Rust Prevention: To meet outdoor usage needs, we applied professional rust prevention treatments, ensuring the electroplated layer could withstand 72 hours of salt spray testing without white rust.

.Unique Design: The indexing plunger boasts excellent durability and strong resistance, maintaining performance through continuous use. The special snap design allows quick and easy activation and automatic locking of the folding mechanism.

Implementation Process: Application of Indexing Plungers from Requirement Analysis to Mass Production

.Requirement Analysis: Collaborated closely with the smart mobility leader to understand their needs and challenges, determining product functions and performance indicators.

.Design and Development: Designed preliminary solutions based on requirements, followed by iterative testing and modifications.

.Material Testing: Selected alloy steel metal, conducted heat treatment and rust prevention, ensuring strength and anti-corrosion standards were met.

.Sample Production: Produced indexing plunger samples and conducted rigorous testing to ensure compliance with client requirements.

.Production Preparation: Upon sample approval, prepared for mass production, ensuring a smooth manufacturing process.

Key Milestones in the Design and Production of Indexing Plungers:

.Initial design solution confirmation

.Successful material testing

.Completion of sample production

.Customer testing and feedback

.Mass production preparation completion

Results: Enhancing Market Differentiation and Product Competitiveness with Indexing Plungers

Our indexing plunger application led to significant success for the smart mobility leader’s folding electric bikes:

.Improved Product Strength and Durability: The alloy steel and professional heat treatment made the indexing plunger sturdier and more durable.

.Enhanced Product Competitiveness: Created market differentiation by meeting consumer needs.

.Increased Production Efficiency: Seamless transition from design to production saved time and costs.

Data and Metrics Supporting the Success of Indexing Plungers

.Strength Tests: The indexing plunger passed multiple strength tests, meeting design requirements.

.Corrosion Resistance Tests: The indexing plunger withstood 72 hours of salt spray testing without white rust, meeting durability standards.

.Market Response: Post-launch, the folding electric bikes received positive market feedback, enhancing brand recognition and sales.

Customer Feedback: High Satisfaction with Indexing Plunger Design

The smart mobility leader expressed high satisfaction with the solution. They highlighted our professional expertise and technical support as crucial in successfully creating their ideal folding electric bike. The project manager stated, "Thank you for your professional support. Our product can finally stand out in the market. This is a very successful collaboration case."

Spring Pull Pin with Star Knob, M10 x 1.0 x 17mm, D27, pin5 - Indexing plunger M10xP1.0x17mm PIN5mm Appearance
Spring Pull Pin with Star Knob, M10 x 1.0 x 17mm, D27, pin5

Indexing plunger can be exported. The threads are M10x1.0x17mm in accordance with Grade 2 threads. The metal parts of the pulling pin are made by CNC lathe,...

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Indexing Plunger Design Solution for Folding Electric Bikes by a Leading Smart Mobility Brand | Maximize Precision with Top-Quality Hand Screws for Industrial Use

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