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Leading Innovation in Hand Knob Screw Technology

About UJEN

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UJEN: Leading Innovation in Hand Knob Screw Technology

Boasting over four decades of deep expertise in precision injection mold design, development, and manufacturing, UJEN stands at the forefront of pioneering the clamping knob screws, adjustable handles, and indexing plungers market with innovative solutions. Our rich background in precision mold crafting empowers us to offer expert solutions.

As trailblazers in adding value through innovative screw accessories, UJEN showcases a broad spectrum of products, including a variety of tightening knobs, thumb screws, spring plungers, alongside bespoke services tailored to unique material and style requirements. From meticulous design to precision manufacturing, UJEN is committed to delivering top-tier products and services.

Our strength is not just in our products, but also in our team. Consisting of professional sales personnel, stringent quality managers, adept mold engineers, and creative R&D designers, the UJEN team excels in offering both expert guidance and superior after-sales support, nurturing closer, more amicable partnerships with our clients.

With over 40 years of experience in mold development of hand screws & nuts, we can not only provide customers with high quality products, but also provide technical consultation services and co-development of products... We also have the ability of R&D and design to provide suitable design solutions for our customers, and we can handle all the products from design to production.


2020Create industry-leading macaroon color palette to provide modern customer's application of color.
2020ISO 9001:2015 international certification obtained.
2017We changed a new name for Brand integration, named "UJEN" Development Co., Ltd. We continue to develop and design a variety of products, including thin knob screws that emphasize aesthetics.
2011We focus on the research and development of functional hardware products, and have developed a variety of pull pins such as warning type.
2007Products developed by us have received patent certification.
2003Finding that there are not many quality hardware parts in the world, we actively invest in the aesthetic design and high quality manufacturing of the parts.
1994Another new company was set up. It's called "Yo-Jia Development Co., Ltd."
Converting to development of stationary, souvenirs, and table clock.
1982A new factory was set up. It's called "Yo-Da mold factory."
Professional manufacturing: Plastic molding, zinc-aluminum molding, bakelite molding, and hollow molding.

UJEN's Mission

UJEN's mission is to drive groundbreaking progress in the clamping handle screws industry through cutting-edge technology and exemplary service. We are dedicated to crafting practical solutions that boost operational efficiency and product quality, continuously propelling the industry forward. Our guiding principle, encapsulated in our name UJEN, informs every strategy and decision.

The Genesis of UJEN

From the outset in the decorative knob screws domain, UJEN has been committed to innovation in hardware accessories. Unique: We staunchly believe in the power of innovation and differentiation, perpetually venturing into new territories and challenging the status quo. Our journey is a testament to our relentless quest for innovation and steadfast dedication to our customer commitments.

UJEN's Expertise

UJEN amalgamates top talent in the tightening handle screws arena. Jaunty: Our team approaches challenges with a can-do attitude, yielding more adaptable solutions. Esthetic: We aim to marry aesthetics with functionality in our product designs and solutions, ensuring both efficiency and elegance. Noble: We maintain the highest professional ethics and responsibility, treating every client and partner with utmost sincerity.

UJEN's Achievements

UJEN has introduced a myriad of leading products and services to the star knob screw industry, offering innovative tools that enhance operational efficiency and precision. Our solutions have aided numerous industry clients in overcoming technical hurdles, earning broad recognition and praise in the handle screw sphere.

Why Partner with UJEN

Opting for UJEN means selecting a reliable ally. We commit to:

.Delivering cutting-edge, dependable screw accessories and services.

.Fully understanding and addressing your unique requirements.

.Consistently striving for excellence and surpassing your expectations.

From "Unique" innovation to a "Jaunty" approach, from the pursuit of "Esthetic" design to practicing "Noble" responsibility, these core values are what we believe will help us forge a brighter future alongside our clients.

UJEN's Pledge

We are convinced that through ongoing innovation and a profound comprehension of customer needs, UJEN will become your most trusted partner in the hand knob screw sector. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with you to craft a shared, successful future.