UJEN has been manufacturing hardware accessories, including hand screws and molds, for 45 years. We maintain strict quality control and are ISO 9001 certified. Our commitment is to create high-value handles that enhance their customers' product and brand value.

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Enhance Your Equipment with Durable Knob Screws for Easy Adjustment"

Based in Taiwan since 1994, UJEN DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. excels in producing hand screws, knob screws, adjustable handles, grip knobs, and indexing plungers. With a commitment to quality and customization, UJEN leverages over 40 years of plastic injection mold development expertise, ensuring top-tier products for various industrial applications. Their ISO 9001 certification underlines their dedication to maintaining high standards in manufacturing and customer service.

UJEN Development Co., Ltd., with over 45 years of expertise, specializes in manufacturing premium hand screws, knob screws, adjustable handles, grip knobs, and indexing plungers. Our commitment to quality, combined with innovative mold-making technology, ensures precision in every product. Catering to diverse industries, we offer customized solutions that enhance operational efficiency and product reliability. Embracing strict quality standards and ISO 9001 certification, UJEN is your trusted partner for superior mechanical components.

UJEN has been offering customers high-quality adjustable handles for industrial machinery since 1994, both with advanced technology and 47 years of experiences, UJEN ensures each customer's demands are met.