Curved Adjustable Handle , Clamping Lever Nut, Quick Handle, Fixed Handle | Enhance Your Equipment with Durable Knob Screws for Easy Adjustment"

Curved Adjustable Hand Lever 1/4 length45 | Customizable knob screws from Taiwan

Curved Adjustable Handle Nut, 1/4, L45 - Curved Adjustable Hand Lever 1/4 length45
  • Curved Adjustable Handle Nut, 1/4, L45 - Curved Adjustable Hand Lever 1/4 length45
  • There are many colors combinations of the handle and button.
  • Handle and button colors can be mixed and matched, and also customized to meet your needs

Curved Adjustable Handle Nut, 1/4, L45


Curved Adjustable Handle , Clamping Lever Nut, Quick Handle, Fixed Handle

Clamping Lever can be mass produced and exported. Macaron colored handle female thread 1/4, Multi-color matching dramatically increases product and corporate recognition. Create a unique style for your products and enhance your product competitiveness. We are ISO9001:2015 certified, and our quality is stable. We offer a wide range of customized services, contact us for more information.

Internal gears are thickened to enhance durability. Compliant with ROHS & REACH, the plastic is made of high strength, high toughness nylon + glass fiber material to improve the service life. Flame retardant, heat resistant, UV resistant, etc. Screws or nuts can be made according to customer's requirements, no matter what size or material, UJEN can provide customers with suggestions and production.

Non-scratching grip, no sharp edges and burrs. Matte surface and high quality design. The grip has the best design of both beauty and grip. Metal coated with trivalent white zinc, stable corrosion resistance. The surface is glossy and fine. Class II teeth specification.


Fixed handle lever is ideal for quick locking of components. The high torque and ratchet-like design allows for easy hand tightening and removal, saving time and effort, and is especially suitable for use where 360 degree rotation is not possible.

  • RoHS REACH compliant.
  • Thread is class 2.
  • Internal gear is enlarged to increase durability.
  • Flame-proof, heat-resistant, anti-UV properties.
  • The handle's body has a matte finish.
  • The handle does not hurt hands, no sharp angles or burrs.
  • The handle is easy to tight with a hand. the best design of beauty and grip.
  • The metal is shiny and detailed.
  • Zinc-plated metal, stable corrosion resistance.
Thread Type
  • Threaded blind hole
Thread Size
  • 1/4-20
Thread Material
  • Steel
Metal Finishing
  • zinc plated with trivalent
External Material
  • PA6+GF
Lever Length(mm)
  • 45

Curved Adjustable Handle Nut, 1/4, L45 | Achieve Ergonomic Efficiency with Adjustable Handles for Machinery

Based in Taiwan since 1994, UJEN DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. expertise in manufacturing high-quality Curved Adjustable Handle Nut, 1/4, L45, hand screws, knob screws, adjustable handles, grip knobs, and indexing plungers. Their commitment to customization and precision ensures each component, from hand screws to indexing plungers, meets rigorous standards. This dedication positions UJEN as a leader in supplying durable and reliable industrial components to global markets.

UJEN Development Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of precision-engineered hand screws, knob screws, plastic knobs, adjustable handles, and indexing plungers for a variety of industrial needs. Our 45-year legacy, combined with ISO 9001:2015 certification, underscores our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Specializing in custom solutions, we excel in professional moldmaking, enhancing equipment functionality across industries.

UJEN has been offering customers high-quality hand screws for industrial machinery since 1994, both with advanced technology and 47 years of experiences, UJEN ensures each customer's demands are met.